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Term & Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

The Car Rental Terms and conditions are as follows:

A. Minimum 3 days rents will free drop & pickup the car at the airport or hotel.

B. A mandatory valid driving license or international driving permit for foreigner.

C. Cars use only on the normal road (no allow off road/ no overland)

D. Normal working hour is 08Am till 09Pm. (will be applied for early morning charges or overnight charges outside those time period for co-worker/labour.

E. If need to be extend for the rent period, please notify the office /person in charges at least a day before the end of period or soonest will better.

F. Whole rates are inclusive for car insurance, in case of damage or abrasions relatively mild, it will be subject Own Risk IDR. 300K /event or US $30 /event (will be review it case by case, may be no charge at all or can be more that that)

G. If the car was badly damaged, or weight category, it will be subject Own Risk IDR 500K or US$ 50,- and a car rental fee will be charged during repairs at the workshop with an estimate in advance of how long the repair will take.

H. Not allowed smoking cigarette inside the car, with work air conditioner instead, in order to contribute to maintain the cleanliness of the car.

I. To drop and pick it up back the car outside the airport such as Legian, Kuta and some coverage area with a minimum 3days rents is free of charge.

J. To drop & pickup outside area ‘i’ point, it will be an additional charge depend on area and could be free depend on rent periods.

K. Completely payment is required when handover of the car on the first day (Cash / Debit / Credit Card*), with leave an original ID card while rent period (e-KTP for Domestic) and ID Deposits for Foreigner (US $100 – $300) depend on kind of car and rent period. Original ID or the deposits will be refund when takeover the Car when finish. Sign the Rental Agreement & physical check the car conditions with check list, also get the copy of Rental Agreement/Invoice.
Other docs required (ie. Copy/capture of Passport/KTP, International Driving license, itinerary flight arrival & departure, booking hotel info, etc.) should be done once makes a reservation progress. (easier reservation can be via Email / WA )

L. Fuel positioning when returns at least as current position, if less than that, it could be replaced by some payment when return of the vehicle if may be bit rush hour to avoid miss the flight.

Frequently Asked Questions !!


  • Valid identification card: ID card, KITAS (for foreigners) Passport
  • Family card
  • Tax identification number (NPWP)
  • Driver’s license
  • Pay a deposit as insurance


  • Business registration number (SIUP), company registration number (TDP), tax identification number (NPWP), business identification number (NIB)
  • Deed of establishment and domicile letter
  • Renter’s ID card (representative of the company)
  • Guarantor’s ID card (director or responsible officer)
  • Driver’s license
  • Willingness to undergo a company survey
  • Pay a deposit as insurance

Yes, a deposit is required as a guarantee for insurance claims in case of damage, accident, or traffic violations (e-ticket) caused by the user’s negligence. It must be paid at the beginning of the rental period.

What if there is no damage or accident?

If no damage is found upon inspection, the deposit will be fully refunded.


Contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. Our team is here to help and provide you with the best possible service.